5 easy steps to get your Transcript in OOU

The process of the collection of transcript in Olabisi Onabanjo University has being a daunting task for most its Alumni but not anymore as the university’s authority has made thing a lot quite easier than it used to be. The process is summarized below (as convenient as it may be) in these 5 steps below:


  1. There are two types of transcript, LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL. The local transcript goes for N2500 per copy while the International transcript goes for N5000 per copy without any additional charges as at the time this article was written.
  2. You need to get a DUPLICATE copy of either your NOTIFICATION OF RESULT or CERTIFICATE ready.
  3. Before now, you need to get a clearance from the university bursar but in recent times it is no longer necessary, just ensure you have been cleared by the University of any Debt.

Make a payment of the corresponding transcript amount at any of the POS terminal at either the Permanent site or Mini-Campus locations with your ATM card only; from experience, making payment at Mini campus (Defunct Post Office, Beside 003/004) is advised. Also make payment of N1000 for Alumni Association which is valid for a year also at the same POS terminal. Make duplicate copy(s) of the receipts issued.

Take the receipts back to the Ground Floor of the former CESAP building at the Permanent Site, the Academic affairs room (Room 8).

Collect a Transcript Request Form from the officers available and fill appropriately.


  • NAME
  • CLASS OF DEGREE e.g. Second Class, Upper division
  • FORWARDING ADDRESS (es) (Address to which the transcript will be delivered to).

Submit the transcript request form back to the room and attach the following documents to it.

  • PHOTOCOPY OF TRANSCRIPT (FOR THOSE WHO HAVE COLLECTED BEFORE AND WANT A REPRINT; it speeds up the process, in the case of a re-issuance).

You will be contacted via the telephone number you filled in the transcript request form, it usually takes about 3 – 5weeks before the transcript is ready. If after 6weeks, you don’t get a call that your transcript is ready, visit Room 10, Academic Affairs, former CESAP Building to do a follow up.

Disclaimer: This information is valid as at the time this article was written and published, it is however subject to change by the University Authority without any prior notice.

For feedback, suggestions and questions, please use the comment box below or gladly write to info@OOUconnect.net

55 thoughts on “5 easy steps to get your Transcript in OOU

  1. Funmilola Ajayi

    I did exactly everything outlined above or rather someone did on my behalf since last year and I am yet to get a call. Apparently, the transcripts were not sent which made me lose the admission. It is rather painful.

  2. Osho Opeyemi

    I applied for my academic transcript about four weeks back, I was told at the application center- Room 8, that it will take 21 working days which has elapsed and I am yet to get a feedback from them. Please, I would appreciate it if I can get a contact number to call in respect of the transcript. I wouldn’t want to travel all the way down to Ago-iwoye again due to the fact that the bus I took actually had accident the last time I went for it. It was only God that saved me. Thanks

    1. Staff Writer

      Please call any of these numbers, 08058871819, 08140551773. Or better still get a current student to help you confirm the situation of things. All the best, Please lets know how it goes.


    Greetings OOUconnet,i really appreciate ur effort in trying to make things easier pls i will like to verify if the method u explained here for transcript collection is still valid as at the time of sending this message 01/sept 2014 thanks looking forward to receiving from u

    1. Mayowa

      The method for OOU Transcript collection as explained is still very valid. Please get back to us to let us know if you observe anything different in the outlined steps.

  4. Adebola Osifowora

    Dear All,
    Please is it not possible to pay online and then get a notification when the transcript is ready or when it has been sent to the specified school?Urgent please.

    1. Staff Writer

      Hello Dayo,

      We currently do not directly help people process OOU Transcripts we only guide them on the procedures.

      Thank You. Apologies for the late response.

  5. Sule Olayemi

    I have received my transcript and have sent it to the Organisation that requires it. I am now at the stage of academic record verification. The organisation has sent a request to OOU to verify that my records are authentic, but they are yet to receive a response.

    My deadline is near expired. Please help.

  6. Bussy

    I would like to know if it’s possible for someone to apply for and collect the transcript on behalf of someone who is not resident in Nigeria anymore.

  7. vicky

    So happy to hear this. I was offer admission twice into ui for master 2010 and 2012 but my transcript was never given to me . I graduated 2008 n was cleared , each time I go to records they will tell me my result is not ready if my result is not ready how did I do my clearance? It is so sad the way Oou staff and lecturers treats their students without considering the distance your are coming from. You can’t tie someOne destiny? But if u think u want to try God you will be under 6feets if you don’t change from your evil way of treating students Who come for transcript .

  8. somoye olawale J

    Hello oouconnect, your effort is highly commendable in trying to assist the system in a little way you can. Kudos to you. Pls, i submitted application for the collection of transcript 22nd of December,2014 and uptill now i have not heard anything from them. I thought it would be faster because i attached a copy of the transcript to the application. I will appreciate if there is any help you can render. Thanks..

  9. Badero Olabowale

    ‎I followed the five steps of getting my transcript from the academic records department since late last year and I’m yet to receive any positive response on it. This delay is really slowing down my progress which I’m not happy with. I will be glad if something can be done about the postage of my transcript to the given address. Here is my information:
               Matric No: 99025307
               Faculty of Arts, Dept of English.
    ‎       Looking forward to getting a positive response from you.

  10. Olowu olufemi. M

    Please am in Trinidad and tobago. Just to knw how i will go about it from here since im not in nigeria to pay true your p.o.s. please i need reply asap. Thanks

  11. derinola

    Pls OOUconnect i want to make out time to come for my original degree certificate. i graduated in 2002, whats the cost implication. i mean the total money i would be paying. I also don’t have the other reqirements except my original statement of result.

  12. Raphael

    Kindly update us on why badero olabowale has not received any response on his request for transcript for almost a year now…..my concern is i hope it will not be the same delay if i also apply for my own.

  13. Somebody Important

    Stupid School! Why cant your authorities follow other schools and streamline the process by creating an online transcript ordering system. its a digital age for crying out loud. Your Alunmi Association web page for transcript request does not even work. Mstchew!! Am not surprised, its a Glorified Secondary School.

  14. Ann Obiefule

    Am Ann I want to know if our OND certificate is ready, and sent to our consultant, am one the students that did her program with Rise Education Centre at Port Harcourt.

  15. Damilola

    I applied for my transcript last year and after a long silence from school I travelled down to make enquiries, which I was told that the department has not sent my results, I had to go to the department to make enquiries why my results had not been sent to appropriate quarters. I was told they had gotten no request whatsoever in my name. I made back for the Academic office where a new request was issued and still the department hasn’t sent my results. I only got to know that some scores were not recorded and it has sent to the Senate for approval before it will can be taken to the Academic Affairs. It’s been over six (6) month

  16. olujimi temitope

    please i am in the uk is there available process for those that wants to work study and translate their certificate and transcipt abroard which processes do they have to undergo

  17. adetoun


    I requested for my transcript to be sent internationally in january 2014 , followed all the steps listed above! AS OF 2016 i have not received the transcript . Please what way oou? I have a transcript from the department of mathematical science when i left in 2008 but i need the transcript to be sent from the school directly to the institution .

  18. Tijani modinat

    Thanks for your hardwork, I finished from oou in 2010 but didn’t do my clearance before I travelled but I badly need my transcript now.is it possible for someone to help me with the transcript and clearance.

  19. Ibukun

    Oouconnect,please I just made a request for my transcript I didn’t attach my transcript label and I need it urgently ,do u think I must attach it to make it faster and like how long would this take

  20. Esther

    Good morning. Please is it possible to request for replacement of my certificate? If it is, how do I go about it. Thanks

  21. Temilade

    I was made to understand yesterday, 20 July 2016 when I went to OOU that transcript for international is now 50,000 naira. This very dishearten and unfair as the country economic itself is going through recession.

  22. Dr. Dre

    Hello if you are a graduate of Olabisi onabanjo University OOU and you need your transcript sent to you anywhere in Nigeria or abroad we can help you get it easily and quickly and cheaply.
    All you need to do is E-mail me
    1, notification of result/certificate.
    2, your matric number, year of graduation
    3, the corporate address (school/work) you want the transcript sent too
    we can also make you a personal copy or send it to you if you want
    Just contact me on 09024048655

  23. Alabi kolawole

    How much does it cost now to get transcript. I contacted someone and she said it’s around 50k+ I was chocked, so please how much Is it now and how long ll it take to get it ready

  24. Oladipupo Kolade

    Please I will like to know if there is way I can order transcript online. I keep send money for this purpose without result. The second time I order for the transcript, the person sent me the photocopy before mailed the orginal to ECE. Yet ECE said they didn’t receive it, and I got the copy of the transcript. Has this happened to anyone and what is the solution?

    I wanted to try another organization and reorder my transcript again. This time, the same person tell me a crazy amount that the price has changed with CHANGE (APC).

  25. hellen emeka

    I have my notification of my degree result since 9 years ago and I want to collect my original certificate! But the problem is that i can’t find some of my school receipt and my final clearance cos its has been long! Pls is there any waiver or consideration to collect my certificate since I have my original notification of result?

  26. Philip

    The steps is no longer correct. I was at OOU today, and the process is very tedious. I wonder when OOU will be among new generation schools. The most painful thing is that we are to pay N50,000 to process transcript for international schools. Unbelievable.

  27. Ijeoma

    I followed all steps my self paid international have my receipt of payment January 19 has made it 3 years since I have been trying to get my transcript but to say the truth it’s so frustrating that upon all I still don’t have it. I have since missed 2 admission at my new country at the EU and here you can’t get a good job if u haven’t given the countries university association ur transcript to ceritify. I have my oou certificate but they said no they need my transcript. I called the school even seeked assistance and got no results even as I have paid. I was told they lost all our data as of late 2016 and since then even last year 2018 nothing. I need guenieue info for this issues who can i call to really get a good result about my transcript. Thanks.

  28. Luke A

    OSU ! OSU !! OSU !!!
    When will this school change to better school ???
    I left my state and travelled all the way down to OSU to get good education, I paid through my nose both normal and abnormal money.
    After all the stress through thick and thin, I travelled to United State where my transcript was needed to further my education. After paying several times with much promises, NOTHING came out. All the efforts of WES to confirm my results proved abortive because NOBODY access the school email link.
    This is a backward school in a modern and civilized world.
    My advise to the young High school students and other parents is “Look very well before going to some of these useless schools”. It is better to waste 5 years trying to get into good school rather than wasting many years for nothing but to start all over again after seven years.
    I have seen many graduates from some of the so called schools from Nigeria that started all over again here from Colleges and Universities. Shameful !!!


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