I am glad to say that my father’s adamance about OOU being my first choice of institution has been a blessing in disguise. All that clouded my mind was how I would sail through from the ordeals of being an OOUite due to the stigma that has been on our great citadel of learning, Olabisi Onabanjo University. I can say that I wasn’t really excited to be a member of OOU , the only amusement was having to say Alhamdulilah, Victory at last.
Mr Oreofe Williams was the first lecturer to encounter, he buttressed my fears of being an OOUite and gave me reasons why I should put a call through to my father and tell him ‘Thank you Sir, for this hardship.’ He would scream on top of his deep voice to communicate his teachings. Gns101 lecture was a must punctually attend one for me else, I would stand outside the lecture theater with other students guilty of the same offense till the end of the two hours class.
Back at my faculty, it was a similar case, Jagaban was introduced as the most disciplined lecturer one could ever meet. JIL101 was the only law course I was to offer at my faculty . Hence, let me brush into my first encounter with him.
We were just through with a class on a Wednesday when someone echoed, ‘Mr Ogunsakin is in class for legal method’. Hearing this, I rushed down with my fellow mates to the faculty where the first class was to hold. It was not up to five minutes I had settled in the class, Next thing I knew was my phone ringing out loudly in the popular music , Alingo. I struggled to put a stop to it but the fear in me wouldn’t let me figure out how. Mr Ogunsakin in his deep loud voice, ‘Who is that? Bring the phone!’ I trembled so bad that I wish the ground could swallow me as I shamefully walked towards the podium to hand over the phone phone to him. He looked at me and smiled jest fully, ‘All these kids that should still be in secondary schools.’ The humiliation I felt that day was beyond words. I just gazed at him continuously like a lost sheep. I was then relieved when he returned the phone to me, walking back to my seat I sighed ‘At least I got my phone.’
Bit by bit, my trying times came to an end and I eventually had the course to say ‘Thank you sir for leading me where my heart truly belongs.’ My moments in OOU have in one word ,been MAGNIFICENT. Only Allah knows how crude and dumb I would have turned if I had not chosen Olabisi Onabanjo University. The bad experiences i had in trying to fit into the vicinity became a story of the past. I enjoyed every bit of the grooming I underwent. I can categorically say that I would adjust to any circumstance I face from now till time immemorial.
Life in OOU has been full of vicissitudes. I must admit that I had the best moments of my life in OOU. Checking in and out of our sunny P.S, Slaying and competing with the lady next seat. Turning up and attending several parties were lit, we know all the turnups now. The river was never exempted, located behind mini-campus, I remember all the swimming’s and floating s , it was so fun.
RIP to the friends and friends of friends I have lost in the journey , You will never be forgotten as your memories live on. Continue to rest in peace.
Special recognition to all the religious societies I belong, they supported me in my bid to become a better Muslim, Alhamdulillah.
Now , here I am still striving to make it in my pursuits, not as the best student, but as a to be alumna of the great Institute. I am and would forever be proud of Olabisi Onabanjo University.

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Cheers to all the friends who stayed after all trying experiences.
Cheers to all the foes made.
Cheers to all the burnt midnight candles.
Cheers to all the days of blows and slaps at the ATM centers.
Cheers to all the very interesting hostel fights .
Cheers to the Awarded Best State University 2016.
Cheers to OOU.
By: Sonibare Abimbola Surourorh.
500 level Law.

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