*EKO*( Lagos)

Her fame keep many souls glued
To chase success on her path
Her noise wakes my dead ribs
Oh! Congested heart of nation

Eko,Unofficial training pitch
Where bad egg boil and hatched
And packed for their destination

Dawn weather battle hustlers
Hopeless people you swallow
Alas! Prominent you hollow

I rebuked your culture
And some souls you nurtured
Peace maker in reverse order
Yes! I rebuke *awawa* niggas

Countless legs of differ root
undergo training under your roof
Fortune of many years do lost
With some seconds bust

Oh parish of west!!
Oh compound of wealth
Summon the smile of dead bills
That makes many souls ills

Your fame Pierce my heart
And it keep bleeding your love
And you crowned him
The motherless me
a home to preside!!

Your gospel sweet many world
And overlook your worst
I hope you hatch me on time
To join the league of ripe

©Adeosun 2017
All right reserved

IG: positivistofficial

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