Happy Matriculation

Happy Matriculation!!! Welcome to a new level of your life. God will enlighten your eyes of understanding and flood your path with light as you go about your day’s in this citadel of learning. Please Work Hard !!! Don’t replace laziness with prayers. Many are called but few was chosen, not by lucky but by God’s grace and your Hardwork. The life you embrace now determines your future. Your primary aim is to come to this citadel of learning, bag a degree, with good grades and leave when your mates are leaving. Yes it’s cool, but that’s what school have to offers you, that you have paid for (School fees) but what do you have for school that school will pay you for, what do you have to offer this school ? Coming to school now, Is to pass through school, school pass through you, having good grades and graduating when your mates are leaving. No doubt about it you will graduate, No doubt about it you will enjoy your days in school, no doubt about it you will have grades, no doubt about it you will leave your dream life’s in school but what you have to offer the school will determines how effective and efficient all these are going to come on the long run. I mean what you have to offer, things that are beyond, if it’s breaking record of the highest GP, keep on reading. But those that are good knows themselves, you can lie to people, but you can’t lie to yourself. Don’t be sad, they also have what they are lacking that you own. What I am telling you is to turn your inspiration to innovation, Do more of what you are passionate about, set target goals on them, daily, weekly, monthly, and annually, try to do your best on it and do it better. You can start to earn a living from now. Nigeria will be better, when undergraduates stop dreaming of become an employee, start aspiring to be an employer from their university day’s, this thing is logical, if you miss your target of becoming an employer, you become an employee, and what happen if you miss your target of being an employee, you become useless, roaming around, acting funny to put food on your table, that will never be your portion. This is the only way we can turn Nigeria to a country where dreams come true, not by seeing every graduate roaming around the streets, seeking for jobs, not by underemployment, not by dropping unsolicited applications. Do more of what you are passionate about, be self employed from your university day’s, don’t wait for government before you survive or any CEO’s, Government never promise you a Job, Government only promise you a conducive environment to survive. Today every one loves to recharge through their bank account that is quickteller, that thing was innovated by a student like you. Am begging you to dream, Dream Big, failure big and don’t stop trying, You’re in your 20’s now before you realize you’re in your 30’s , Your parents will be disappointed in you if you go home with a poor grade, your parents will place a regret on you if you don’t have a plan B, if they have nothing to harvest on you. Time is moving and the clock is ticking. Turn your inspiration into innovation. Happy Matriculation #ProperLagosBoy #OOUPrayerZone

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