Fake Life Of A Slay Queen; OOU Microbiology Student Exposed

Fake Life Of A Slay Queen; OOU Microbiology Student Exposed* The popular adage that says “nine days are for the thief but only one day is for the owner” can be suitably likened for the story of Rachael Okhamafe, a 300L Microbiology student of Olabisi Onabanjo University who was recently caught in the act of cyber bullying and harrasement as her fake expensive lifestyle became exposed along the line. It’s not unusual for students to make friends and meet new people who they gist and share their lifestyle with. This is exactly the case between Rachael and Cynthia Egbuchulem, her friend and coursemate who speicilizes in the sales of human hair, wigs, waist trainers and all sorts of female accessories. Unfortunately, things fall apart between Cynthia and Racheal after she (Cynthia) discovered an oddity in the story Rachael once confided her. Apparently, the former must have lied to her. Envy and jealousy becomes prevalent as the relationship between Rachael and Cynthia deteriorates. Perhaps, Rachael must have been seeing her friend booming in her business and education. Cynthia started withdrawing from Rachael as she seemed to be telling stories different from the real person she is. Alas, she was taking precaution. However, Rachael felt the need to damage Cynthia’s reputation and ruin her business, She resorted to cyber stalking/harassment. Cynthia who narrated the incident said that Rachael with the help of a male accomplice framed up a post which they shared on social media alleging that Cynthia is a Scammer and accused her of defrauding N150,000 from them. Cynthia got wind of it as it was damaging and it affected her business. She took immediate action on the damaging post by involving the police who eventually got Rachael and her male accomplice, Isaac Omotola arrested. Having known that they would be charged to court, they both candidly confessed of the crime. Rachael on her part, confessed that she wrote the post due to jealousy and envy that has grown as a result of the deteriorating relationship between both friends while the accomplice, Isaac confessed that he was hired by Racael to share the post unknown to him that it was false. “I Rachael Okhamafe. I am saying this concerning the post i posted about Cynthia Egbuchulem. It is all false information. You can buy things from her, she’s not a scammer and there was no customer that fell a victim of scam. It was out of spite. We’re sorry”, an audio containing Rachael’s voice said. It was gathered from friends that the said Rachael loves to borrow pose as many of her claims usually turn out to be false. This was evident in her claims that her father is a Pilot. Unfortunately, hell was let loose during her arrest and it was revealed that her father is actually a police man. Despite her expensive lifestyle and slaying mannerism, it is shocking to disclose that her mother couldn’t afford a bail of N7,000. Witnessed said the mother was flabbergasted when she realised her daughter uses an iPhone. Apparently, she couldn’t afford such expensive phone. Cynthia wishes to inform the general public that she is an honest person & you can do business with her, you can also verify from her fellow students in school about her business & customers too. Her Instagram business page is “chirose_exquisite”. Attached in this broadcast is the evidence of the damaging post and audio where Rachael openly made her confession. More images and details of this stunning revelation can also be seen at – https://twitter.com/BennyCapricorn/status/953901611285348353 *Another slay queen is exposed. Who’s next?*

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